The Haylage Company

The Haylage Company has been producing and supplying top quality haylage since 1990.


Our ‘Polo Forage’ haylage surpasses best quality hay as feed for horses and because it is dust and spore free it eliminates possible respiratory issues. 


Our haylage is grown on 750 acres of managed pasture in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex. This also helps to minimise our carbon footprint.


After cutting, the grass is immediately tight wrapped to exclude air from the bales. Haylage inoculants are added at the point of wrapping to encourage more efficient utilisation of lactic acid in the rumen of the horse. Inoculants also improve fibre digestibility.


Because the haylage is tight wrapped and packed storage space is minimised and there is very little wastage.


Feeding guide - an average 16 hand horse will consume 10kgs daily. If in any doubt advice should be sought from an equine dietician.


Latest nutritional report - 2015 crop:


Crude protein - 7%

pH value - 4.75

Sugars - 4.6%

Energy D value - 60%


‘Polo Forage’ haylage is supplied in rectangular space saving bales in a variety of sizes to suit all users, most commonly 300kgs, approximately 1.2m (4’) x 1.0m (40”) x 1.0m (40”) high which are ideal for larger yards and Polo Clubs, smaller 200kgs bales and the ever increasingly popular, easy to handle 20kg packs.


Deliveries are made with our own transport and energetic drivers with lorry mounted forklifts where required.

We are located at:

The Haylage Company - Polo Forage

Arquen House

4-6 Spicer Street

St. Albans


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