Product description

The product is a relatively low protein rye grass/meadow mixture available all twelve months of the year.

The haylage is shipped in a number of bale sizes:

20kg to 40 to 72 packs per pallet


200kg / 300kg / 500kg rectangular palletised bales

All sizes are palletised for easy, safe unloading and handling.

Delivery is by lorry and our staff use a forklift truck to position bales in your required location.


Feeding and Storage

The haylage is supplied with a full analysis so that the customer can calculate their own feed quantities. As a guide, the product should be fed weight for weight as hay (this will allow some reduction in hard feed). An average 16 hand horse will consume about 10kg per day. If you are in any doubt about this, seek the advice of an equine dietitian.

Once opened, a bale will last 10-12 days before spoilage occurs (depending upon storage conditions and time of year). Once a bale is opened, we recommend that the plastic wrapping in completely removed. The unopened, undamaged bales will last all year and may be stored in or outside.

Our bales are rectangular, making handling the haylage very easy - Feed can be taken off the bale in slices so there is little mess and wastage.

We are located at:

The Haylage Company - Polo Forage

Arquen House

4-6 Spicer Street

St. Albans


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